The Austrailians have a great phrase. Actually, they have lots of really great phrases. But this one is obscure to the point of being silly, and yet apparently universely understood by Aussies.

“Not Happy, Jan”

This phrase is generally used when something stupid happens and the person is, in fact, not happy. It came from a TV ad a few years ago they had.  Bridget, this video is for you.

ok. so now, you’re probably wondering “Why did Daniel post this?”

Well, firstly, it’s because I’ve been having Aussies telling me “Not Happy, Jan” for the last 2 years, and finally I’ve got a chance to go looking such things up online. Now I know.


I took a bunch of photos of work on Dad’s boat, got them all colour corrected and so on, and uploaded them into blogger to post. Whereupon, I must have pressed the wrong buttons, and it’sjumped me into the address bar or something, and took me to a different page, lost the pictures somehow from the Auto-save/draft thingy, and I could find no way to bring them back.

Not Happy, Jan.

So. Here are some more pictures of Dad’s boat.

No. Here are not more pictures of Dad’s boat. I just tried to upload them again, and after uploading 1.3 meg, it then told me “failed!”.

Not Happy, Jan.

See how useful the phrase is?

I’ll post the photos tomorrow. Or later. Or something.